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What should you do if you didn't receive an accommodation offer from UCL?

We understand how difficult finding different accommodation types are in London. In the case that you have failed to receive an accommodation offer from UCL and would like a more guaranteed method of finding accommodation, we recommend private providers designed for students. UCL has a list of their own here, but we have come up with some other commonly used ones as well.  We have split our advice into: 


1. Private student accommodation 

2. Flat Living 

1. Private Student Accommodation

Bronze Studio - Bloomsbury (1 of 30)_0.j
Standard Two Bedroom Apartment Male (1)_

Picture Credit: University Living

Picture Credit: IQ Student Accommodation 

There are plentiful private student accommodation available around UCL, these include: Chapter, Scape, Urbanest, IQ and Unite Students. Most private student accommodations have multiple locations that are all walking distance to the tube, so staying a few stops away would not be an issue. (I.e. Chapter has halls in Islington and Holloway Road, these would be approx. 20 mins away from the main campus) 

​They are easily accessible, modern and they offer great amenities. However, they are generally more expensive and cost around £220+ pw for ensuites and £300+ per week for studios

2. Flat Living

Sailor's Bedroom

You also have the option of finding your own flat with other students. Some recommended websites to look for properties to rent are: zoopla and rightmove . If you haven't yet found people to flat share with, below are some groups that you can ask in to look for flatmates: 

If you choose to find your own flat, you would need a UK guarantor otherwise you will have to pay 6 months rent upfront. With that said, we have Amber Marsh as a sponsor; you may contact Sanjay at . They do not need a UK guarantor and do not have additional charges for maintenance.

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