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Family System

With 2nd years as parents and 3rd/4th years as grandparents, freshers are our children and the priority of the family system! Just sign up and we will allocate you into a family that can be your sense of comfort away from home, your sources of advice, guidance, mini outings and fun!

Look out for our Family System registration on our social media pages!



From Chinese New Year hotpots, to Winter Wonderland outings, you can always count on my fam to host some insane get-togethers for everyone to have a good time!But while the outings we had were great and all, to me, what made my family amazing was the little things, like seeing that friendly, familiar face when you’re cramming in the library, walking around campus, or grabbing some takeaway before your next lecture. Believe it or not, something as simple as a wave hello and quick conversation about your day can go a long way, especially when you’re combating any loneliness/ homesickness in university 

The MSoc family system helped make my move into a new city that much easier, and gave me the chance to meet lots of amazing people along the way (especially useful since I didn’t go for PDC in my year ). Hope you guys sign up for it! 

Ga Vin Cheong

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