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Graduation Caps

UCL Malaysian Society strives to provide members opportunities to connect and get in touch with UCL’s Malaysian Alumni . We currently have 2 platforms available for our members to reach out to any UCL Malaysian Graduates that if our Alumni FB Group and The  Alumni Online Community (AOC) by UCL.

 Alumni Facebook Group

Feel free to join our Alumni Facebook Group that has both UCL students and graduates!

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 Alumni Online Community (AOC)

The Alumni Online Community (AOC) is an online community platform which acts as an exclusive networking site for all  UCL Malaysian alumni. A personal profile can be built by connecting to your LinkedIn or Facebook account or registering by email. This platform creates opportunities to make connections with alumni all over the world, and even get connected with your course mates from a few (or many) years back. Here, you may also search for mentorship from other alumni or be a mentor to our current students. You will be able to access thousands of e-journals from this platform and get an alumni benefits card upon request.

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